Bogo Merino stock proves lucrative

Clients at the recent Bogo Merino and Poll Merino ram sale at Bookham were left grinning from ear to ear knowing they had bought rams at their price and to suit their budgets.

Bogo stud manager Malcolm Peake said they set out to make sure all buyers got a good selection of rams at the price they wanted to pay.

He said the mix of new and regular clients got value for money, with options available due to a larger number of rams on offer.

The sale produced a great result for Bogo stud principals Frances and Andrew Elsegood, with 177 of 219 rams selling to a top of $4800 to average $1277 across the draft.

The top ram was a 16.9-micron poll sire with a 14.8 per cent co-efficient of variation (CV), 2.5-micron standard deviation (SD), 99.9pc comfort factor (CF) and an index of 118.

It was bought by Sam and David Weir, ‘Bertangles’, Bookham, who also paid $4400 for the second-top ram, another poll sire at 17.6-micron, 14.8pc CV, 2.6-micron SD and a 116 index.

The Weir family bought 11 rams in total to run with their 5000 breeding ewes that average 17.9-micron to a $2445 average for the draft.

Sam Weir said they were chasing the finer productive types with good conformation.

“We are all about wool production, but we sell our surplus 1.5-year-old ewes and cast-for-age ewes in the January Yass circuit sheep sales,” he said.

Bruce Hazell, ‘Kia-Ora’, Bookham, paid $3600 for the top horned ram at 15.7-micron, with a 17.2pc CV, 2.6-micron SD, and a 99.8pc CF.

Mr Hazell bought three rams in total, averaging $2133.

Mr Hazell said they looked to buy rams that had great length of wool and lustre, with plenty of style and the ability for the wethers to grow out quickly.

The Hazells run 1500 ewes, averaging 18-micron, and switched to Bogo rams due to Bogo clients’ performance in local wether trials and ewe competitions.

Long time client David Hewlett, ‘Blackburn’, Yass, has been buying rams from Bogo for 15 years straight to run with his 2700 Merino ewes and did so again, snapping up four rams averaging $1500.

Mr Hewlett was chasing heavy rams with good estimated breeding values, targeting high growth rates from birth to weaning.

“I have been getting good reflections from this selection pressure with twins, with 40pc of my maidens having twins, as they grow more quickly and are bit more robust,” he said.

Mr Hewlett averages 6kg of wool off his 18.2-micron ewes and sells his wethers at one year of age.

Wal Archer, Kiangara via Yass, held up the sale, buying 15 rams at a bargain price of $687, while Rob Hall, manager of Narrangullen Pastoral Company, Yass, selected wisely, snapping up 11 new sires at $964.

Rounding out the sale, Marcus Bush, Boambolo Pastoral Company, Yass, paid $760 for 10 rams, while Maurice Webb, Merryvale Pastoral Company, Young, bought five rams early in the day to average $1600.

The sale was conducted by Landmark Copeland Medway, with Andrew Wishart conducting the sale.

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