Aussie idols

Let me ask you a radical question, a question that could change your life. Who - or what - are you worshipping?

Now that might sound like a strange thing to ask, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a religious type. But all of us are worshipping something. As one person put it, ‘the human heart is an idol factory’. That means we’re all naturally, constantly and often obliviously worshipping someone or something.

If I were to rephrase my question, I’d ask it like this: What is at the centre of your universe?

For a lot of people it’s money. They see the world through financial eyes. They rank people according to how much money they’ve made. They think ‘if only I had more, if only I’d earned more, if only I’d saved more...’ They’re worshipping money.

For other people it’s style. They see the world in terms of cool or not cool, whether or not they use those terms. They rank people according to how well they’ve adopted the latest fashion or technology or phraseology. They think, ‘I’d really like to hang out with these people but not so much with those people.’ They’re worshipping style.

But for all of us money and style bow down to still a greater idol: the idol of self. I mean, seriously, if most of us were to admit it we’d have to say that at the centre of my universe is ME.

Now I’m not judging. I’m just saying that if that’s true, it’s important to know. And I also want to say one more thing. In reality, neither you nor money nor style is at the centre. Jesus is. The Bible says that all things were made through Him, and for Him. And so the Christian life begins when our universe starts to centre on Him.

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