Kicking off a career in media

I am aspiring to be an influential person in the media. One day I want to change the lives of other people in how they think or act in a normal society.

I am a mediocre graphic designer, a highly experienced 3D artist, an actor and an artist. I currently am enrolled in Mt Carmel school and next year I am moving to Dickson College.

I am going to study computer technology, art, mathematics, English and media. I hope it will be the best year of my life.

I naturally love camping, fishing, hunting and anything else outside but I love videogames even more.

I may sound quite ‘geeky’ but nowadays videogames can be accepted as an art form.

I want to specialise in creating games that test the moral value of the player where they get tossed into a situation in which they make life and death decisions for the greater good or evil.

If I don’t get into videogames I want to become an actor. I have been told by a lot of people that I can act but I won’t believe them until I have been told by thousands.

I am most likely going to join the Royal Australian Army after college and then I will go for a degree at the Australian Institute of Entertainment.

I hope that on the way I will gain skills in things that I did not already have and maybe one day I can be someone everyone can be proud of.

If you have a news tip for Lawrence give the Tribune a call on 6226 1622.

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