Do good Fridays

Yass High’s year 10 students have been helping the Yass community with many acts of kindness.

Every Friday for the past 10 weeks, the year 10 students have gone out to different places to do good.

The students have gone to Valmar Support Services, the Yass Community Gardens and Linton retirement village.

The students who worked at Valmar Support Services have landscaped the garden, created murals and built tables and chairs.

The Yass community gardens are one of the many things that are attended by the year 10 classes.

The students have mowed back the grass, built in garden beds and even installed a sandpit for kids to play in.

On top of all of that, the students have had to deal with steaming hot conditions.

The students who have been going to Linton retirement village have been creating a book of the different stories of the people there.

After the book has been created it will then be given as a gift to the people whose stories made it possible.

Many things have been donated to help with the projects such as paint, gardening tools and equipment.

The students have enjoyed the experience.

They have been able to things that they would not normally do.

Principal Sandra Hiscock believes that the students have experienced so many new and good things that they will now continue to do it every year.

(Donations needed)

Tools and equipment were destroyed in the fire at Yass High, bringing some of the students’ volunteer work to a halt.

Paint and other specialty equipment was lost.

“It was expensive and was donated specially for the job, and it now needs to be replaced, along with brushes and rollers,” teacher Tracey Bills said.

If the project is to continue they will need to have shovels, spades, forks, a wheel barrow, saws, hammers and chisels, angle grinders and discs, screw drivers and spanners.

Over the coming weeks there will be a collection point at Home Hardware, where donations of equipment can be dropped off.

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