Student versus student

Bully: (noun) A blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Source - 28 Nov 12.

Bullying is a severe thing. Do not get teasing confused with bullying. Although teasing can be a part of bullying, teasing is an annoyance, bullying is discrimination.

I have been bullied for about nine years of my schooling life.

I was not accepted by anyone and if I did make a friend, I would only lose them through bullying.

I would have done anything to be friends with even a small group of people but every time I tried to be like the popular kids, I would just get bullied even more.

I had about five or six good friends in those nine years. Now I have heaps.

The bullying only stopped when the leaders of the bullying groups left and moved to a different school.

With the main contributors gone I had a chance to change my life. I took the chance and now I am nearly as average in my social life as everyone else.

This does not mean I wanted to be the same in every way, I just wanted to be treated the same.

This is not acceptable. I only got out of bullying through a very lucky break.

I personally believe that no student should ever get bullied. I doubt this will ever happen but it would be great to have a much more peaceful society.

The essence of bullying is only brought on through the bully’s peers. To stop bullying you first have to stop the supporters

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