Upper Lachlan Landcare

Upper Lachlan Landcare

Over 80 guests attended the Upper Lachlan Landcare AGM and dinner featuring highly sought after guest speaker, author and historian Bill Gammage. There was a moving Welcome to Country by Ngambri Aboriginal elder, Shane Mortimer.

Bill spoke about his latest book, The Biggest Estate on Earth; How Aborigines made Australia, on how indigenous Australians used fire and water to manage the landscape, dismissing the widely-held idea that pre-European Australia was an untamed wilderness.

Dinner was catered by the Breadalbane Plains Landcare Group and there was an impromptu performance by bush poet Garry Lowe.

Elected to the committee were Nerida Croke, John O'Brien, Rod Edwards, Mary and John Walsh, Bob Spiller and Russel Irwin.

Thanks for a great evening go to Kate De Kleuver, Fay Edwards, Libby Webster, Mary-Anne Powell, Rod Edwards and Percy Bell.

Doggie dilemma

We were unprepared for a request when answering the door to some youngsters from down the street. They said that there were some dogs, “sorta, you know, doing it…” and then the words petered out.

One look told the story. The two terriers had been getting stuck into it alright and now were stuck in a position that must have come straight from some canine version of the Kama Sutra! What was needed was a bucket of cold water and when the little dogs saw this approaching, magically a strategic withdrawal was achieved. All the while the kids looked on, caught between amazement and amusement, between goggle and giggle.

It is a great comment on a caring community that three youngsters, felt safe enough to knock on our door and ask for help from some folk who are not part of their family and friendship group. Surely a good take home story.

Place on earth?

Local Peter Reddy's latest book, Peace Operations and Restorative Justice, is in the Gunning Library and examines two contrasting cases of international peacemaking in Somalia and Bougainville. Peter is a practicing lawyer with a PhD in law and a master of criminology focusing on human rights violations. He is a former member of the Australian Army.

In the preface, Peter writes "Restorative justice has the capacity to build peace between antagonists and can inform the way relationships are renewed - individually and communally." As we approach Christmas, the season of peace and goodwill, this a timely message to mend any fractured relationships and renew valued friendships.

Flushing next week

Routine water mains flushing next week may cause temporary discolouration of Gunning water. Upper Lachlan Shire Council advises storing sufficient drinking water and taking caution.

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