Bringing back Christmas

Yass shop owners are banding together to bring Christmas cheer to Comur Street after a lacklustre turn out for late-night shopping last Thursday.

Full Circle Serenity’s Pam Staines is spearheading the drive, organising a sausage sizzle and buskers, getting shop owners to advertise extended hours in their windows, arranging for a Lions chocolate wheel raffle, and even enticing Santa to visit tomorrow night.

She said she was disappointed with the lack of promotion in time for last Thursday’s late-night shopping campaign.

She feels there was little to entice shoppers into town, compared with previous years when Yass featured buskers on the street, street lights and decorations and visits from Santa Claus.

“I was a bit upset, but I thought ‘don’t get down in the doldrums, do something about it’,” she told the Tribune.

“Local businesses really rely on this time of year.”

Several shops have reported a slow start to the season, and were unaware the Chamber of Commerce had opted not to promote late night shopping this year.

Support local business by coming down to Comur Street this Thursday evening, 5-9pm.

Chamber needs new blood

Chamber vice-president Bernie Johnson said the committee was not promoting Christmas late-night shopping this year because of a lack of interest from main street businesses to get involved in the chamber.

He said the group had been disappointed by the lack of interest in their annual general meeting, even after he “walked the street with fliers”.

“We got two people to turn up and one of those was a spectator.”

He said there was a need for new blood in the chamber but no-one wanted to make the commitment.

“People don’t want to put their hands up because they are all busy doing their own thing… the businesses need to get together.”

He said while many businesses supported the chamber in principle, no-one wanted to turn up at meetings or take on executive roles.

In the past, the chamber has promoted the event by advertising in the Tribune and on billboards, and organising a visit from Santa.

“If people want to complain, how about they come and get involved in the Chamber of Commerce? We just don’t have the support.”

Despite his disappointment, Mr Johnson is still in contact with Santa and knows he plans to visit the town tomorrow night.

Many of the shops on Comur Street plan to stay open until 9pm.

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