Keeping the prayer

At the last council meeting, Cr Greg Butler requested to remove the prayer said by councillors at the beginning of every meeting.

"The reason I've done this is because it insults me greatly," Cr Butler said.

"Given that we're now supposed to be a multicultural society, I don't see why I should have to endure other people's religious beliefs."

Cr Ann Daniel reminded the councillors that rituals were important.

She said it asked council to reflect on the business they were about to conduct.

"Rituals become terribly important when you try to delete them," she said.

Cr Michael McManus was against removing the prayer from the meeting practice.

He said the current prayer was adopted by councillors in the last term and was adapted from the prayer said in NSW Parliament.

"You don't have to say the prayer. It's an opportunity for us to collect our thoughts."

Councillors voted to keep the prayer, Cr Butler recorded his name against the vote.

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