Lady Gaga butts in ... no kidding

Source: The Examiner

Lady Gaga is an adventurous nanny goat - no kidding.

The curious Saanen goat wandered on to the Newstead College campus and headed straight for the school's music room . . . and after a call from a hysterical teacher to the Launceston City Council the goat was collected by animal control officers.

Council regulations officer Jarrod Burn said the goat had turned up after recent floods around Launceston.

He said her friendliness and tolerance of people indicated that she was not part of a herd and could have possibly escaped from a backyard.

In the absence of identification tags the goat was named Lady Gaga because of her fondness of music.

The council hopes to hear from her owner before tomorrow, after which time she will be put up for adoption.

The owner has been asked to contact the council on 6323 3000.

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