Yass Lions Club and Yass Valley Council to ensure safe trips home from annual rodeo

Some plan Bs are smarter than others – what’s yours?
Some plan Bs are smarter than others – what’s yours?

The Yass Lions Club and Yass Valley Council will be making sure residents and visitors arrive home safely from this Saturday night’s rodeo at the Yass Showground.

A ‘Plan B’ tent will be set up with breathalysers and information about the ‘If you’re drinking, don’t drive’ campaign.

Lions club president Stan Luff said the initiative was proactive in promoting safety. 

”The name – ‘Plan B’ – says it all. You’d want to have an alternative plan if you’re going to have drinks,” Mr Luff said. 

The Yass Lions Club have been generously supporting council-run and state-funded drink-driving programs since 2014, showing a commitment to the safety and well-being of the members of our community.

Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey said that it was important to plan your transport home before the event.

”Once that’s organised you can focus on enjoying the rodeo without the worry about how you are getting home,” she said.

“Statistics don’t lie – in 2016, alcohol-related road fatalities in country areas were 14 per cent higher than those in metropolitan areas. We all need to make a concerted effort to turn this around,” Cr Abbey said.

Derryth Nash, road safety officer at Yass Valley Council, said 2017 will be the fourth year that the Yass Lions Club have generously provided volunteers to assist the council and the state government to spread the road safety message: ‘If you’re drinking, don’t drive’.

“Drop into the Plan B tent as the afternoon progresses, learn more about the drink-driving campaign and check your blood alcohol concentration on the supplied breathalysers,” Ms Nash said.