Great time for gardens

A big week for money (winning and losing) with the Melbourne Cup and the large lotto prize, but if you had not noticed it has also been a big couple of weeks for gardens.

Over the past two weeks there has been some great open gardens to visit.

I had the chance to visit Allsun Farm in Gundaroo, an amazing bush block that has been turned into a small marketgarden supplying seasonal vegetables to the local area and to some of the top restaurants in Canberra. Always inspirational and so, if you have the chance, do visit.

Part of Classic Yass last weekend there were some great open gardens, including one that was producing a lot of vegies in raised garden beds. Raised beds are great as you don't have to bend down, perfect for those with a bad back or restricted movement.

With the rain of the past few days, you do see the snails which reminds me to set up some traps for them. Traps? Here we trap the snails using beer. They love it.

All we do is dig a few old foil pie trays into the ground and pour in some light beer (don't waste the good stuff). This will attract the snails and they will drown in the stuff. I’ve also found that it can help with the earwigs as well.

In the small garden out the back of my shop, my peas are developing well and soon they will find themselves into a pea and mint salad. The tomatoes are also doing well. I have three varieties, a black cherry, a red cherry and a medium striped variety. These should fruit and mature quickly which is always handy in a cool climate environment.

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