New hurdles for athletes

Smaller numbers this week did not stop the Yass Little Athletics Club from meeting on Tuesday at Victoria Park.

The hurdles and relay took centre stage for the first time this season.

Most of the athletes had not done any proper hurdles before, so there was time for some instructions and many practice runs to get this new event mastered.

The hurdles discipline is one of those events that looks easier than it is because the correct way to hurdle does not come naturally, especially to children.

Dylan is worthy of a special mention because he worked out the correct style right from the first run and he was even able to help show some of the others.

The relay batons were unpacked for some training in the crucial handover part of a relay race.

Once again we would like to thank the parents and other helpers for all the assistance.

Some of the parents were put into jobs that they were not at all familiar with but they coped well.

Please see our website,, for a list of upcoming competitions and some very helpful guides for different events.

Rhiannon Davis unleashes a discus.

Rhiannon Davis unleashes a discus.

Talitha Dexter throwing the discus.

Talitha Dexter throwing the discus.