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Caring for teeth

A child born in the 21st century can expect to have their teeth for life.  Protecting these teeth from dental decay and disease can prevent unnecessary pain, costly treatments and general ill health.  Poor oral health can have an impact on quality of life.  If left untreated dental diseases such as periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissues around the tooth affecting gums, ligaments and bone) can lead to severe pain, loss of sleep, inability to eat certain foods, bone loss leading to extractions, time off work and embarrassment about appearance.  The Australian Dental Association stated in 2007 that dental cavities in children aged 5 – 9 was the second most common reason for hospital admissions.  Ironically, almost all dental disease is preventable.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria left on teeth, which forms into plaque, plaque and the sugar in foods blends together to form an acid that erodes teeth. 

Keys to good oral health include:

*Avoiding sugary foods including processed starchy foods      

*Drinking water each day       

*Brushing for two minutes after meals using round circles on the front and back surfaces that gently massages gums as well. Start with the back teeth as they can be missed.

*Flossing to remove plaque between teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach.    

*Sealants , especially in children,  to avoid plaque in deep grooves in molar teeth that a brush cannot reach.   

*Regular dental check-ups to remove hardened plaque, identify food traps or potential trouble spots, remove stains from smoking, tea or coffee and check for oral cancers.    

 *If you have sensitivity a sensitive tooth paste can help however, they work better if you do not rinse after you brush.      

*Tooth grinding at night is a common cause of headaches, aches in the jaw/neck and erosion on the biting surfaces of your teeth. This is easily prevented by using a night splint. These are custom made by your dentist.

*Discoloured teeth can be lightened with regular polishing or bleaching with trays custom made by your dentist.  Custom made trays ensure even coverage and reduced risk of blistering due to bleach burning gums.

*If playing sport wear a mouthguard to prevent trauma. 

*Check medications with your doctor as some can cause dry mouth.  Products are available to alleviate dry mouth discomfort.

*Healthy teeth are free from debris, you have pink coloured gums that do not hurt or bleed when brushed and you do not have bad breath.

If you have questions or concerns about your oral health, contact Yass Valley Dental on 6226 1015 or Murrumbateman branch 6226 8100.

Argan Oil- silk oil of Morroco

Argan Oil, extracted from the kernels inside the nut of the Argan tree grown in the harsh extreme arid conditions of South Eastern Morocco, has become highly sought after world wide as a superior hair conditioner that adds a brilliant natural shine.

It is rich in vitamins E, C, F and A, rich in Omega 9 and contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

“It is perfect for the treatment of damaged hair, it is a natural organic product which will protect, restore and enrich your hair.” Narelle Field-Wilson of Narelles Hair Dooduckinn on Meehan Street said

“We also use it to assist in speeding up drying time as it pushes out the water”.

“The ‘Aromas’ range of products by NAK contain argan oil and are also sulphate and parra ban free. These are all available from our salon so just call in and ask Jenny or myself about them”.

It's party time at Jenniques

Just in time for the upcoming Christmas party season, Jennique Hair & Beauty have a fantastic new range of products aimed at giving you a very trendy new look. There is bling for your hair, with new glittery diamonte strips that are easy to apply and there is also clip in coloured hair extensions.

Then how about eyelash extensions? They come with free eyelash tinting and you can also have some new fashion lenses in different styles and colours. Then finish off those eyes with ‘Eye Kandy’ which will make your eyes sparkle and your face shimmer with funky fashion colours.

Nails have not been left out, with a range of ‘CND Shellac’ which is a mirror finish, chip resistant polish available in a large range of vibrant colours. There is also a full range of body piercing jewellery to choose from.

 If you are looking for that personal gift, Jennique can offer a wide range of gift packs.

After a full day Christmas shopping, what better way to treat your body than with a relaxing hydro spa, with a hot stone massage and a body wrap. There are a number of other treatments on offer as well.

Book yours early to avoid disappointment.

Physiotherapy in Yass…..not just a physio!

Bernadette Colllins, manipulative physiotherapist, set up the Physiotherapy in Yass at 74 Rossi St Yass in 2004. While physiotherapists Bernadette and Wendy Ticehurst continue to offer the highest quality physiotherapy to the people of the Yass Valley, there are additional health services also available at the clinic. Remedial massage has been offered at the clinic since inception, and continues today in the very capable hands of Bronwyn Pollack. Bronwyn offers muscular massage, neck and back massage, lymphatic and detoxing massage plus regularly works in conjunction with the physiotherapists providing complementary health care treatments. 

In addition, the clinic has Sophie Winterbourn who is an experienced Podiatrist, offering a full range of podiatry services including made to measure orthotics for any age, gait correction through to minor foot surgery. The clinic has recently installed a Pilates gym with specialized equipment including a pilates reformer and trapeze and is available for small individualized classes or private use.

As you can see the clinic, while specializing in physiotherapym has many other health care treatments available to keep you feeling fit and healthy. So whether you have injured yourself throughaccident, poor posture or bio-mechanics, or even pushing too hard through the pain barrier at a recent sporting event, Physiotherapy in Yass can help.  Health fund rebates apply in most cases with Hicaps available so you don’t have to wait for a refund. Call office manager Colleen Bush on 6226 6426 for an appointment today.


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