Off the shrimp, onto the yabbies

Murray cod (closed season): the fishing slowed down somewhat over the weekend but there were still some good fish being picked up during the day, mainly on the troll.

I had some good reports from river campers who camped out next to their fishing rods during the night and were having good success with yabbies.

The shrimp seem to have gone off the menu over the weekend.

A fisherman came into the office on Wednesday, while I was out, with a tale of the one that got away near Wade Island.

From the report the metre-plus fish was nursed to the side of the boat in the shallows, on very light tackle, where the fisherman then proceeded to hop in the water to lift the fish for a photo.

The large cod wanted no part of this and quickly returned to the depths without the photo being taken, not sure if the fish kept the lure.

Yellow belly: a comparatively quiet weekend of fishing compared to previous weeks as the yellow belly are also off the shrimp.

It was tough going for all, with most of the reports coming from the lure fisherman.

Yabbies seemed to be the more successful bait for those that managed to catch anything.

Others had success using soft plastics around the trees; fish were caught using a variety of lures and colours.

It was a case of ‘time on water equals fish in boat’ over the weekend, with the catch rate down on previous weeks.

The fish are not terribly hungry at the moment with the abundance of shrimp and small tadpole size fish in the water.

The rapidly dropping water levels would also be upsetting the natives.

Redfin: more redfin reports this week then yellow belly.

A lot are being caught trolling.

Carp: definitely no shortage.

Bait fishing with worms or corn, or fly fishing for those that are after a bit of sport.

Park news: I have ordered another five split system air conditioners and these will be installed in the renovated cottages in early December.

The Cedars were recently completed, which will be a relief for any one that has stayed in them during summer.

Other painting works are scheduled to continue after the January holidays.

Current water level: 76.4 per cent. 

Current discharge: 8467 millilitres per day.

Current inflow: 1357 ml per day.

Water visibility: up to one metre.

Weather: late rain today and some light rain on Saturday (1-5 millimetres), with a top temp of 34 degrees Celsius. Sunday should only get up to around 29 degrees Celsius.

Full moon: November 29.                  

New moon: December 13.

Water temperature: 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Dean Brind  

Burrinjuck Waters State Park