What are you worth

In a free market economy, things are worth what someone is prepared to pay. So, what are you worth?

What value do you have? And to whom? It is a sad fact, that in some parts of our world slavery, servitude and trafficking still go on. 

Do you think you are worth something? Are you valuable to your family and friends? Are you special to someone?

It’s a fair thing to say that your life is your most precious possession.  Without it, no other possessions will matter. The harshest penalties in our laws are reserved for those who take a life that doesn’t belong to them.

It is a sad thing when people get to the point of giving their lives away. In despair, their lives have become so painful, that they no longer value them. It is no longer worth it.

So, what are you worth? The Bible says God values us. The price He paid for us was his own life, and I struggle to even understand what that really means, but I am in awe of it.

It is that awe that has shaped my life since I first realised it was real. We are precious to Him.

Some might say this is arrogance and there is some logic to the argument if we made this up ourselves.

My life is valuable to Him and I want to spend it in the best way I can. I want to give ‘value’ to my King.

Many Christians over the centuries have given up their lives for Him. In some parts of the world, it is still happening today.

If my children were threatened, I would ‘take the bullet’ for them. This is the instinct of a father. This instinct comes from the Heavenly Father; our dad.

This is the story of Christmas, which we will soon be celebrating. But I like to celebrate it every day. My dad loves me, and I am precious to Him.

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