Ear wax drops

We often use drops to soften ear wax and these can sometimes clear the blocked wax and other times soften the wax so it can be more easily removed. After the drops have been put in and pumped around a bit, the liquid should be drained out - otherwise the drops evaporate and the wax is redeposited.

Why vaccinate?

Mumps can produce sterility. Measles can cause pneumonia and death. German measles (rubella) can cause brain damage, blindness, deafness and heart disease. These diseases are rare but they are rare because we vaccinate. Walking through an old cemetery one will notice the large number of children who died - this doesn't happen now due to better public health and vaccination.

Yass Hospital phone number

A concerned lady came in to tell me of the difficulty in finding the telephone number of our Yass District Hospital. She was of course correct and I have written away to get the authorities to rectify this in the next phone book. Meanwhile, we are well served by the excellent Rotary telephone book which is also in readable type face. The hospital number is 6220 2000.

Getting urine samples from infants

Sometimes a sample of urine is needed from an infant and it is a difficult thing to do. A new technique involves stimulating the bladder by gently tapping over it at a rate of 100 taps per minute and then massaging the lower back. This is repeated until the urine flows and is collected in a sterile container. (Archives of Disease in Childhood 2012;online)

Father Mick's term is nearly up

The popular Father Mick Burke will soon come to the end of his appointment in Yass. He probably doesn't know what the future will bring. There is an Archbishop's job going in Canberra.

Tender painful knee in an active young person

Knee pain with some tenderness on the medial (inner) side just below the knee (at the tibial tuberosity) can be due to tearing of the patella tendon where it joins the lower leg. Straight leg raising can cause some discomfort and pain, is worse on jumping and using the stairs. This can be Osgood Schlatter's disease. It gets better with rest for a couple of weeks but active participation in sport can wait up to three months. X-rays are done to exclude a bony injury. It is often on both sides.

Medical student sponsored by the council

Yass Valley Council is a sponsor of a medical student, Lora Elsom, whom some people will meet in the coming week. She will be back again January under the supervision of the ubiquitous Cathy Campbell.

Dr Burn shares his views on the world of health.

Dr Burn shares his views on the world of health.


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