More response to Katrina

I wish to comment on letter to the editor on December 14 by Burrinjuck MP Katrina Hodgkinson.

I would suggest that she needs to reread Iain Fyfe’s column of December 12 (‘Burrinjuck Greens’) and, instead of ignoring the facts, actually address the issues raised. Instead, I think it is she who has become “highly emotive and irrational” in her attack on Mr Fyfe and the Greens.

The main question in Mr Fyfe’s column was that of climate change and the carbon tax. This is a serious issue for the future of our children. Sadly, Ms Hodgkinson’s response is of the sort that makes so many people sick of politicians. They don’t give a straight answer, they play the blame game and manipulate the facts to suit. It’s the taxpayers who inevitably wind up footing the bill.

Instead of squabbling and achieving nothing, they should be working together for the benefit of all, now and into the future.

Perhaps it is Ms Hodgkinson who owes the Burrinjuck electorate an “immediate and unconditional apology” for wasting taxpayers’ money in writing such a response and maybe her time would be better spent in addressing an issue which is a serious concern not only for the Burrinjuck electorate but the country as a whole.

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.