A day for the family

 Dear Editor,

On Sunday December 9, Bowning had its first Family Day, and what a day we had!

With 62 stalls, a jumping castle, sheep dog demonstration, auction of a Rettalak ram and a lamb, a motor bike competition, our first home brew beer competition, three open gardens, one of Canberra's leading clairvoyants and the very special guest of the day, Santa.

Santa impressed everyone, young and old with his grand entrance.

There was something for everyone.

As always with something like this there are a lot of people to thank, so in no particular order I wish to thank all the stall holders who came from far and wide. Some had wonderful sales, some were a bit quiet, but all said they would return for our next event.

Thank-you to Ned Lawrence for his untiring work the day before, putting up the sheep yards, mainly on his own, with never a complaint. Also for his unbelievable generosity of donating a $4000-plus ram to be auctioned on the day. Thanks to Bill Few for donating a lamb and for his auctioneering skills on the day.

A thank-you to Mathew Zarb and his incredible sheep dogs. They were a bit hit with the crowds. 

Thanks to the home-brewing fraternity. We were hoping for 30 entries, we ended up with 70 on the day. Thank-you Colin Marshall and friends, who came from Canberra. They spent the whole day judging.

Thank-you to the motorbike riders who came from as far away as Orange, Young, Cootamundra, Goulbourn, Canberra and Yass to be apart of the day. What atmosphere they added. A special thank-you to Beefa and the Yass Rebels who thrilled the locals by giving them group Harley rides.

Thanks to Peter Schofield who never once left his post and organised the people’s choice votes of the bikes. He should be nominated as volunteer of the year!

Thanks to Elaine and Daryl Gainey, who did all the pamphlets, letterbox drops and who never stopped encouraging me.

Thanks to Garry Ware, our sometimes confused master of ceremonies, as the day got older the more confused he became.

Thank-you Santa and your helper, Wayne Sainsbury, for making Santa's arrival so spectacular!

To Delta who donated all the sweets Santa gave out, McDonald’s and KFC for their unbelievable generosity, making it possible for every child to receive a prize.

On a personal note, I will be forever indebted to Vikki O'Brien and Christine Hasler for their unerring support, especially when the few knockers start to get you down!

Next year, we have two very unique events planned, the first on Easter Saturday night. Bowning hopes to see you there again for something very different. Again thank-you too all those that made the day both a success and a day to remember. Thank-you to anyone I have failed to mention in this letter, it was not intentional if I have missed anyone. 

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.