A day for Wayne 

This Sunday we have a Memorial Day for Wayne Vickery who passed suddenly late last year. We would like to encourage all players, member or not, to join us in remembering Wayne in a special game of golf.

We will be playing individual stableford but with a twist at the end. All scores from each hole will go on the board for mystery skins and mystery two-person multiplier.

So, anyone has a chance to win the many prizes that are up for grabs on the day, including the memorial trophy and other novelty event prizes.

There will be presentation and raffles from 5pm and all are welcome to attend.     

This is to be the last golf report for the year and all the staff and board would like to thank all our patrons, members and sponsors for making 2012 a very successful year for the Yass Golf Club.

Through our major raffle we were able to give the golf club a very stable financial outlook and we thank all who purchased tickets.

To our volunteers who came and spent many an hour on the course we also say thank-you. Sunday evening will be our last get together for the year, so please join us to have a merry drink.


Saturday December 15: individual stableford

Winners: A-grade: Tony Bayley (17) 43 points. B-grade: Sam Julian (19) 43 points. Balls went to: S Julian 43, T Bayley 43, P Anderson 42, M Auld 40, R Johnson 40, E Nelson 40, R Perceval 40, K Stephan 40, P Brady 39, T Feeney 38, N Matthews 38 and J Watt 38 points. Nearest the pins: Royal Hotel eighth: Phil White, Aussie Hotel 16th: Brian Greig. There were 42 entrants and the eagle nest has gone to five balls.

Sunday December 16: Super Sunday Stroke

Winner: Callan Kemp 63-17-80. Balls went to: C Kemp 63, D Kemp 65, S Curtis 66, G Fleming 66, M Townsend 66 and B Timmer 67 nett. The Super Pin went to Graham Fleming on the 11th hole, with a shot of 78 centimetres.

Mid-week competition to December 14

Winners: A-grade: Bernie Puckett (11) 22 points ocb. B-grade: Rod Perceval (26) 25 points. Balls went to: A MacIntyre 23, G Howlett 22, E Mongan 22, Mick Townsend 22, B Oldfield 21, R Hill 21, V Giuca 21, M Bray 20, K Moebus 20 and K Mann 20 points.

Dad’s Army December 13

With the course drying out, there is a fair bit of run on the fairways and the Dad's Army troops were able to make good use of it and hand in some good scores. Once again Handicapper Jack will have to look at his handicap next week as his 22 points collected the loot this week. He was pushed hard by Lindsay Evans 21 points, Ian Bluett 19 points, Edgar Mongan 18 points and Ken Burden 17 points who were able to take the balls that were on offer. The scoring ranged from a high of 22 down to 11 points.  

In the Business House competition last week Dad's Army had a win and claimed 6 points to put them on 31 and top of their division.

Until next time, good golfing ‘boys’

Business House to December 14

Winning results: A-grade: Mark Garland (6.5) 26.5 nett. B-grade: Ritchie Bateup (13.5) 25.5 nett. C-grade: Rob Connell (20.5) 25.5 nett. Ball competition went from 25.5 nett to 30.5 nett. As of last week, in the Blue division, the Murrumbateman Maulers are on top just ahead of the Schine Boys. In the Yellow division the Golden Girls are leading Bernie’s Boys. In the Green division Dad’s Army is closely followed by B&V Engineering. A full list of results and team scores are posted up at the pro-shop.

 Coming events

Saturday December 22: individual stableford.

Sunday December 23: Wayne Vickery Memorial Day Individual Stableford.

Wednesday December 26: Yass Windscreens and Glass Boxing Day Recovery Stableford.

Saturday December 29:b individual stableford.

Saturday December 30: individual stableford.

Tuesday January 1: News Day Individual Stableford.

Saturday January 5: On Trend Clothing Guzzlers Mug.

Until next year have a great Christmas and, as always, gold well

Scotty Medway taking on a tree for his second shot on the 14th hole, which he managed to par.

Scotty Medway taking on a tree for his second shot on the 14th hole, which he managed to par.


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