Holiday gardening

Christmas is almost upon us and I hope that we all had some success in the kitchen or the garden in 2012 (or both). Remember if you are going away find someone to water your garden.

Speaking of the garden you may be in need of some pyrethrin, especially if your cherry and pear trees are showing signs of the a little slug that will destroy the foliage. Spray once a week for 3 weeks and this should bring it under control. On hot days best to spray late in the afternoon. You can pick pyrethrin up from your local garden centre.

You can now look at growing a second flush of vegetables, and these will be ready in Feb and beyond, how about some beetroot? Plant extra and bottle some for the winter months and definately keep on planting some carrots. A small 50cm row each week should keep your family with this delicious root veg and if you do that, you should be pulling them out of the ground till winter.

This may sound crazy but start planning your winter crop now. As January is the month for growing from seed some of the items like brussel sprouts, but more on that next year.

Until then have a great Christmas and New Year, be safe, and I will be back in the New Year with some more gardening and cooking tips.

Andrew Dodds brings you In Season, From the Garden to the Plate.

Andrew Dodds brings you In Season, From the Garden to the Plate.