Candidate claims Islam to blame for misogyny in India.

Dear Editor,

Gary Johns writes in The Australian (January 1), entitled “Like India we must end misogyny” about the rape of a 23-year-old student in India, but focuses on misogyny in the context of self determined Aboriginal communities and concludes that the solution is through immersion into mainstream culture. He finishes with: “If India is to civilise its own bad lands so should Australia be.” Gary Johns is correct but fails to appreciate the enormity or the politics involved for India. One thing India does share in common with Australia is a growing Muslim population. However there is a lesson for the Australian people and politicians alike before it is too late. 

Western civilisation has at its heart a unitary ethic or golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, a Christian ethic summarised in Matthew 7:12.  India with its more than 160 million people, 13.4 per cent are Islamic, and Islamic Shariah law holds precedence for them. Islamic worldview has nothing in common with western civilisation. The two main principles of Islam are submission and duality. Submission is the replacement of all Civilisations with Islam. Duality simply put, is one law for fellow brother Moslem and another law for all others (Kafir). Islamic ethics has nothing in common with the west, but one thing for certain, the life of Mohammed is to be imitated by all Muslims. There is no right or wrong but what is permitted and what is not permitted. Mohammed’s life (Sunna) did permit the capture or detention of non Muslim women for sexual pleasure. And you will hear the expression; it is Sunna, as being the justification. If you read about the history of Islam in India you should not be surprised that this rape/murder occurred.

The Australian Government should have woken up a long time ago when it came to Islamic Immigration. When the mufti of Lakemba says, “Welcome to the republic of Lakemba!” Understand the implications, separate territory, culture and ethics. This toleration of a parallel civilisation allows the maintenance of ethical standards incompatible and abusive to traditional Aussie values.

Alby Schultz, Hume MP, in his recent letter to the Hume constituents, should be commended for raising the issue of Islamic Immigration as a concern, for he would understand when it comes to immigration there is a need for social cohesion, which is necessary for the maintenance of a unitary ethic, which among other things covers the treatment of women.

If you care for an end to misogyny in Australia, among other things you should be asking your local federal politician what are you doing about our tax-funded Islamic immigration (boat people) and tax-funded Islamic education in our country?

Adrian Van Der Byl  is the Christian Democratic Party candidate for Hume.

Adrian Van Der Byl is the Christian Democratic Party candidate for Hume.