Patience on the roads

These holidays, I've had the time and more opportunities to drive and get myself closer to obtaining my provisional license. However, I find it difficult to understand how many of the other drivers that I share the roads with managed to get their licenses, as I have come across some very shocking and disrespectful drivers in the last few months!

It's bad enough when, as a learner driver, you have to drive slower than everyone else but that is not the learner's fault, it is the law. Other road users need to respect this law, and learn to be patient when travelling behind a learning driver. Beeping the horn, performing rude hand gestures and overtaking on double lines is not the answer. Throughout the last couple of months, the amount of people who have overtaken me on double lines and nearly collided head on with opposing traffic is obscene.

What is worse than the fact that so many drivers disobey the basic road rules so frequently is that they choose to do so at the busiest time of the year when most road accidents occur - the Christmas/New Year period. Not only are they setting bad examples to the younger drivers who are just learning but they are putting themselves and other drivers' lives at risk.

It is important for learner drivers to understand that if another driver tailgates, beeps, performs a rude hand gesture or overtakes on double lines, that it is the other driver who is doing the wrong thing. You just have to be patient and ignore their bad behaviour and continue learning so that you can be the best driver.

As for all of the other road users out there, you were a learner driver once so respect the fact that we are just trying to abide by the law in order to obtain our licenses. 

Rachael Ponton likes to regularly share her views in the Tribune's Young Viewpoint column.

Rachael Ponton likes to regularly share her views in the Tribune's Young Viewpoint column.