Welcome to 2013

An intense welcome at that, regarding the heat in which we have all suffered, and then of course the unruly fires.

A lot has to be said for the fire fighters and volunteers who had to encounter the heart-breaking fire front, whether they be local or otherwise. The courage is unimaginable to most of us and their dedication so inspiring, it is enough to make ones heart hurt with pride.

Our community has come together to help supply food and support to our heroes and of this you all should be holding your heads high. Many caring people have also taken the time to assist property owners all over our district.

Thank you to each and every person involved.

Australia Day is a day in which we are all reminded of the Aussie way, when in need we all come together and we also welcome others to share our traditions. So on our country’s name day this Saturday, smile and enjoy the company around you and share the love and respect we have for this country, for we are blessed.

School news

School is back in action next Wednesday, January 30. It's a new year and a lot of new experiences are waiting to be had. Please keep in mind the road rules for young riders and children walking to and from school, and remember that sunscreen and a hat are needed along with bottle of water, for the days are still very warm.

Best wishes to all the children for the new and exciting year ahead. Keep smiling and keep up the school spirit which has always been so abundant at Bowning.


Keep well to all.

Connie Elliott brings us all the news from Bowning each week.

Connie Elliott brings us all the news from Bowning each week.