Sunshine, rain and touch football

A huge downpour of rain came at a welcome time for most on Saturday evening, but a select few campers at Walker Park would have preferred it held off for one more night.

The Yass Touch Knockout attracted 98 teams to Walker Park at the weekend and as usual, many camped up at the grounds.

But, after an extremely warm day, the torrential conditions on Saturday night forced some teams to pack their things and head home.

Despite the weather, and the exodus of four teams, organisers have labelled the tournament a success and said the way the fields recovered for Sunday’s game was a testament to those who prepared Walker Park.

“The numbers were there once again and, considering the rain we got, it went great on the weekend,” Rod Wise told the Tribune.

Te Whanau of Manly was good enough to win the men’s A-grade, ACT Women’s 20s won the women’s A-grade, and in the mixed division, the Sydney Rebels proved the best team at the Knockout.

Mr Wise said while the numbers were down, it was unfair to compare it to last year.

“Normally all the Australian teams attend, but they have a Trans-Tasman series coming up so they weren’t able to play.

“I think from here on in, we will have more than 100 teams play each year. I’ll be extremely surprised if we don’t sustain, or even increase, our numbers.”

Mr Wise said it was simple why the Yass Knockout is so popular.

“Teams are always looking for a different type of competition to their normal weekly competition.

“Players like the social atmosphere they get here at Yass and being allowed to camp at the ground. Yass is also between Sydney and Melbourne which suits a lot of teams.”

The $16,000 worth of prize money, put forward by local sponsors, was divvied up to finalists and semi-finalists, but Yass’ Hothand was the only local team able to keep any of the money in town. They won the men’s C-grade title.


Men’s A-grade

Final: Te Whanau Manly defeated The Jets Bankstown 4-3

Semi-final: Te Whanau defeated Old Spice 31-4

The Jets defeated. Slippery Eels Parramatta 11-2

Men’s B-grade

Final: The Jets 2 Bankstown defeated ACT M20s 2-0.

Semi-finals: Jets 2 defeated Brotherz Albury 13-4 and ACT M20s defeated Murray River Warriors 7-6.

Men’s C-grade

Final: Hot Hand Yass defeated OL 55s Taren Point 8-4.

Semi-finals: Ol 55s defeated Bear Old Boys 7-2 and Hot Hand def ACT M20s 21-6.

Women’s A-grade

Final: ACT W20’s defeated Melbourne City Lions 3-1.

Semi-finals: Melbourne City Lions defeated Te Whanau Manly 7-4 and ACT W20s defeated Berka Panthers Coast 13-4.

Women’s B-grade

Final: OMG defeated Ghosties.

Semi-finals: OMG defeated Cabcharge Flamingos 6-5 and Ghosties defeated W40s 13-6.

Mixed A-grade

Final: Sydney Rebels defeated ACT 6-3.

Semi-finals: ACT defeated Smokin Darts & Breakin Harts (Yass) 8-1 and Sydney Rebels defeated Rebels Senior’s 8-7.

Mixed B-grade

Final: Fatality defeated Victoria Secrets 5-4.

Semi-final: Victoria Secrets defeated Hot Custard 15-6 and Fatality defeated My Pockets Hurt 13-2.

Mixed C-grade

Final: UTS Flying Lizards defeated Shooting Panthers 4-3.

Semi-finals: UTS Flying Lizards def Just Crabbin’ 4-3 and Shooting Panthers defeated Albion Park Eagles 7-4.

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Jai Smith of Yass playing for Hothand. They won Men's C-grade. Photo: RS Williams.

Jai Smith of Yass playing for Hothand. They won Men's C-grade. Photo: RS Williams.