Fish wash up on shore

News has filtered through of a fish kill at the top end of the dam on the Murrumbidgee arm. The kill extends for approximately eight kilometres from the backed up waters of Burrinjuck downstream.

All fish are dead including shrimp and large carp. Dead fish first started appearing on Saturday morning, before the rain. Investigations are continuing.

Murray cod: are quiet. The occasional fish is being picked up trolling or casting.

The late bite has been the best. Not much happens throughout the day. The barometer is on the way up again after a series of low pressure systems. We are also moving away from the full moon so hopefully the fishing will pick up for the coming weekend.

Yellow belly: trolling and casting around the large amount of standing timber is the best option, but the yellow belly have also been quiet. One or two fish reported per day has been the norm. Bait fishing has also been slow.

Redfin: the redfin have been more active for those that have found the schools. Around 45 fish from one school is the best report while fishing with blades and jackalls in the lower Murrumbidgee River arm. Other fishermen reported success while casting Tasmanian Devils towards the bank. Bait fishermen are doing okay with worms.

Carp: plenty being caught on worms and corn. No reports of any being caught on lures.

Park news: the Yellow Belly Championships are on February 23 and 24 and will be based here at the park. Head to for bookings in the competition.

Current water level: 38.8 per cent.

Current discharge: 3800 megalitres per day.

Current inflow: 2490 ml per day.

Water visibility: up to two metres.

Weather: possible showers on Saturday and Sunday with a top temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.

New moon: February 10.           

Full moon: February 26.                 

Water temperature: around 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. 

Thousands of dead fish line the banks of Lake Burrinjuck. Photo: Tiffany Grange.

Thousands of dead fish line the banks of Lake Burrinjuck. Photo: Tiffany Grange.


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