Look for the yellow belly

Yellow belly: the fishing has definitely picked up in the last few days for the lure fishermen. Orgee’s and AC Invaders have been doing very well. Colours, including gold, greens, yellows and purple are also doing the trick. The colour will vary depending on time of day and cloud cover. My son Henry picked up his first yellow yesterday on a soft plastic while casting. We picked up four yellow belly on Tuesday, in around five metres of water, both trolling and casting. Crank baits, soft plastics, mask vibes and an AC Invader. The fish were picked up along the finer sandy gravel banks of the Murrumbidgee River arm.

Redfin: if you like to catch redfin, you need to be at Burrinjuck. I just saw a post on the Tackle World Facebook of 100 redfin caught on Tuesday using lipless crank baits. I was also out on Tuesday with my son Henry and his friend Riley and we hooked up to 80 fish. This was done in the same area where the yellow belly were found. We would troll until we caught a Redfin or two out the back then pull out the flick sticks with jackalls, mask vibes, blades and plastics. We found fish in four different spots along the Murrumbidgee sitting in holes with not a tree in site.

Carp: plenty being caught on worms and corn. No reports of any being caught on lures.

Murray cod: very quiet this week. Only two reports this week of cod caught on a small AC Invader. I have had a bit of time out there this week, with no cod caught in my boat either.

Park news: no other news on the fish Kill, the water test results will take two weeks. The new fish cleaning shelters are underway and are expected on site in the next two weeks.

Current water level: 37.7 per cent.

Current discharge: 3151 millilitres per day.

Current inflow: 590ml per day.

Water visibility: up to 0.5 metres

Weather: a top of 37 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow with a possible shower tomorrow afternoon. Temperature will reach around 34 degrees Celsius for Sunday, with light winds.

New moon: February 10.

Full moon: February 26.                   

Water temperature: 25 to 27 degrees Celsius.  

Lake Burrinjuck is the place for catching yellow belly and redfin at the moment.

Lake Burrinjuck is the place for catching yellow belly and redfin at the moment.