Rolling fire coverage

2.40pm: A fire is burning in inaccessible country at Mt Hardwood, near Cavan and Wee Jasper. The RFS said the fire was burning in scrub to the west of the Murrumbidgee River in the Doctor's Flat and Goodradigbee region.

Firefighters were released from the Sawyer Gully Road fire near Wee Jasper to attend the latest blaze in the area.

The RFS has confirmed there are no properties under threat but still wants residents to remain vigilant.

"It's not a large fire at the moment but it could become a nuisance," Peter Dyce from the RFS said.

A helicopter is on site, helping put out the fire in terrain difficult for fire trucks to get to.

11.39am: Storm activity is keeping worn out firefighters on their toes, with another blaze breaking out around 20km north of Yass.

Lightning is believed to have started a fire at Ballandarra, which crews responded to around 9am today.

The Yass RFS control centre said several crews were on the scene. The RFS website says the fire is under control.

Firefighters attending today's blaze spent the weekend attacking a 200 hectare fire at Kangiara on the Lachlan Valley Way.