Yellow's still biting

More and more yellow belly are being caught this week. Most boats have been able to get a bag limit during the day, with some good sized fish being caught. Trolling seems to be producing the most fish, with an area being worked over once the fish are found. Lipless crank baits are also producing, either trolled or cast. Success has been had with colours in greens, yellows and golds in smaller deep diving hard bodies. Look for the fish around the five metre depth. The bait fishermen have been quiet.

Murray cod: a few more small cod are being picked up this week, with one or two fish per boat the average. The main basin and the Murrumbidgee Arm, up to the Junction, seem to be producing the most fish. Casting or trolling spinner baits and the bigger hard body lures at five metres or deeper is the go at the moment. Green lures are also working well. James from Canberra managed two 55 centimetre fish on a jackall.

Redfin: are still here in big numbers. I managed 33 fish in a two hour session using plastics and mask vibes. I could have caught more, but I was looking for bigger fish and predators in the deeper water. The redfin are full of baby redfin. Look for the finer gravel/ sand banks in the Murrumbidgee arm or main basin. We found the fish by trolling until we found a school and then cast lures from there. It was good fun. Remember all redfin are to be removed once caught.

Carp: plenty being caught on worms and corn. No reports of any being caught on lures.

Park news: no other news on the fish kill.

A make over of cottages 20, 21, 22 and 23 (the Cedars) is to commence next week. All four are to receive a repaint and a general freshen up inside. They are more popular with the great view of the lake and the addition of split system air conditioning late last year.

We have commenced onsite works to the new fish cleaning shelters with the footings and water supply now underway.

The Yellow Belly championships are on Februrary 23 and 24 and will be based here at the park. Head to for bookings in the competition.

Current water level: 36.2 per cent

Current discharge: 2680 megalitres per day.

Current inflow: 180 ml per day.

Water visibility: up to one metre.

Weather: temperatures between 15 and 32 degrees Celsius for the weekend, with a slight chance of showers on both Friday and Saturday. Light winds are also predicted.

Full moon: February 26               

New moon: March 12               

Water temperature: 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. 


Burrinjuck has been the source of some good fishing recently. Yellow belly have been popular.

Burrinjuck has been the source of some good fishing recently. Yellow belly have been popular.