Watching our place burn

Dear Editor,

As most people are probably aware on Saturday February 9 at around 5pm there was a fire started by a lightning strike at ‘Glanmire’ on the Lachlan Valley Way.

The response from all was immediate and extraordinary, and now that the ash has settled, Margaret, Jennie and I would sincerely like to thank all those who came and helped put the fire out.

Watching your own place burn is a highly emotional and stressful experience and to see so many people willing to help is reassuring beyond belief. A special thank-you must also go to the crews that volunteered to stay overnight on Saturday to keep an eye on things, allowing us all to regroup for the next day.

The following day was just as hard, if not harder emotionally, than the fire itself. The reality of what transpired and the enormity of what has to be done is immense.

However, just like the day before, people’s generosity and kindness was humbling. The Binalong trucks were here at 6.30am for mopping up, soon followed by many others.

Portable yards, tractors, tippers and a host of other equipment just appeared from neighbours near and far to help with the disposal of the burnt sheep.

LHPA personnel arrived. Everything was organised with such little effort, the pit was dug, and consequently by lunchtime on the Sunday the worst of it was over. All due to the incredible selflessness of so many people giving up their Sunday.

We cannot ever thank them enough.

Finally, we would like to thank the fire captains and all of the brigades that attended, and the guys from Yass RFS. We are reluctant to thank anyone in particular by name because there are so many to thank, and someone may go unmentioned.

However, because we are on the boundary of two fire brigades, we would particularly like to thank our captain, Malcolm Heat, of Limestone-Kangiara and Boorowa captain, Tim McGrath, who like all the other captains are having the summer from hell. They were both an immense help with all that went on during those two days.

Last but not least, to all the people who have called into Glanmire, or phoned, to offer help or give moral support, thank-you, we are truly grateful.

Neil Stuart, Margaret Dwyer and Jennie Dwyer


On the fire ground at Glanmire. Photo: Kate Archer.

On the fire ground at Glanmire. Photo: Kate Archer.