Summer of highs and lows

Yass Valley has just sweltered its way through the second hottest summer on record since 1912.

All three months were warmer than average, according to figures recorded at Burrinjuck Dam.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) climatologist Acacia Pepler told the Tribune the average temperature was five degrees above normal (at 34.4 degrees), second only to the summer of 1939, which recorded an average maximum 35.8 degrees.

“It’s been very warm in January, which is mainly associated with the widespread heat wave that impacted a lot of Australia in early January,” she said.

There were three days of above-40-degree temperatures, with 41.0 degrees on January 5, 41.1 degrees the day after, and 40.7 degrees on January 18.

She said rainfall to Wednesday 9am had remained reasonably close to the summer average of 181mm, recording 165mm this year.

BOM statistics show the highest maximum temperature for December was 35.3 degrees on December 2.

Just three days later we experienced the coldest December day, with just 20 degrees on December 5.

Not surprisingly, the coldest night recorded was four degrees on December 6.

The hottest night was December 12 with a minimum of 14 degrees.

The mean temperature for December was 28.8 during the day, and 9.9 degrees overnight.

A total of 46.6mm of rain was recorded, most of that (31mm) on Christmas Eve.

In January BOM recorded the hottest night was January 3 with 16 degrees.

The coldest January day was on the 30th, with a maximum 30 degrees and minimum of 9.5 degrees.

Rainfall was light, with just 32mm recorded, most of that (28mm) on January 30.

The last month of summer the mercury rose to 36 degrees on the hottest day, February 10.

The coldest day read 25 degrees on February 11.

The hottest night was recorded on February 26 at a sticky 18.5 degrees. The coldest night occurred February 4 with just six degrees Celsius.

Rainfall to 9am on Wednesday was at 28mm, with an impressive and steady 24mm recorded on February 25.

The Tribune notes these statistics are not exhaustive due to a number of days when temperatures and rainfall was not recorded in Yass.

Ms Pepler said Yass residents could look forward to a 50/50 outlook for autumn, with no strong signs it was going to be wet or dry.

“We don’t have a strong la nina or el nino event at the moment, so the odds are 50/50 … it’s fairly neutral.”

“There’s not a strong push towards wet or dry.”

She said it was normally the case that autumn tends to lack drive from either event.

On the last day of summer Elijah and Leila Kay enjoyed splashing in the pouring rain. Photo: Tiffany Grange.

On the last day of summer Elijah and Leila Kay enjoyed splashing in the pouring rain. Photo: Tiffany Grange.