Crisps innovative pots hope to bring tourists to Yass

Pots to bring in the tourists

Imagine standing alongside a puzzling display of spray paint, dismembered metal rods forming what can only be modern sculpture, swept up in the eerie words of poetry and, of all things, find yourself looking into a mirror, all along the main street of Yass.  

Over the last several months Sandy and Peter Crisp have come up with an artistic concept called the ‘Combination Pot’. Essentially, the concept involves an interactive pot plant bringing individuals and the community together for the benefit of the Yass Valley. 

Refreshing floral displays in the planting structures will change quarterly each year and regular maintenance provided by Crisp-Gro will ensure the streetscape remains well-maintained, with a focus on local pride. 

Along with the vibrant flora, the pots will be shrined with visual displays from the community; from sculptures to poetry and across into interactive exhibitions. 

The Crisps hope to use the pots as a way of presenting and organising community competitions, with the incentive of cash prizes for each winning display. 

They hope it will provide additional cultural and community opportunities, in order to raise the profile of Yass as a must-see regional destination, giving tourists a reason to return with each season. 

Sandy Crisp, a resident of the Yass Valley for over 50 years, has been involved in tourism since 1986 based at the Crisp Galleries and is bringing to life his idea in an attempt to transform Yass into a major tourist destination.  

“I did horticulture at Weston Campus in Canberra 31 years ago and have been involved in growing plants since then,” he said.

Businesses are encouraged to participate in the project by sponsoring a pot to help maintain and service them, as an incentive each pot will offer advertising space for that business.   

Local artist Ann Hind decorating her pot. Photo: Jessica Cole.

Local artist Ann Hind decorating her pot. Photo: Jessica Cole.

“For this project to work we need a total of 100 pots in the main street of Yass.” 

“We hope in the first year to encourage 100,000 people into the Yass main street, flowing out into other towns in the Yass Valley due to advertising space on the pots, creating a flow on effect of the ‘fresh money' coming into the shire. 

“This number will hopefully increase as the years progress.”

The project is expected to be underway by September this year.

“We are trying to incorporate the whole district, get the schools and different community organisations involved, perhaps even if it is just in designing and painting one of the pots.”

Already YASSarts have jumped on board with local artists beginning to design their own pots in preparation of the unveiling in September. 

“We are hoping that it will totally transform the Main Street of Yass,” Mr Crisp said.

“We want this for Yass, and uniquely Yass.”

Any business houses that would like to have a look at the pots should come to the Yass Show on March 14 and 15 to see the displays and find out how to get involved.


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