23-year-old woman dies at Dragon Deaming Festival

Woman dies at Dragon Dreaming Festival

A 23-year-old woman from Berala in Sydney died on the weekend at the Dragon Dreaming Festival.  

The body was located within the grounds of the Dragon Dreaming Festival at Wee Jasper this morning at about 6.25am and the on site doctor attempted to revive her without any success.

Although the cause of her death is unknown, police have confirmed that she wasn’t suffering from any medical conditions.

Police can today confirm that there were 78 drug detections over the course of the weekend - up from last year's count of 72. There were also 20 positive random drug tests from festival goers leaving the event today. Three people have also been charged with supply.

Superintendent Zoran Dzevlan said the numbers were massive.

“It is tragic that a young life has been lost and that a family is mourning the life of their daughter,” he said.

“Once the police have obtained all their statistics from the weekend they will be putting a recommendation to the council not to approve the event next year.

“I didn’t want this event to happen in the first place. We put our objections forward to council and as a result of these drug detections, and the tragic death of a young lady, we will again be putting our recommendations forward for this event not to take place in our community.”