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Easter, a time of hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts, butterflies and chocolate rabbits, is a fun celebration time for many.

NEW LIFE: Easter is not all about eggs. Photo: Peter Dowd.

NEW LIFE: Easter is not all about eggs. Photo: Peter Dowd.

Why celebrate?

In the Western Christian calendar, Lent starts the Easter preparation and celebration.

The purpose of Lent, this 40 day period, is to allow us to focus on Jesus’ life through prayer, repentance, reflection, perhaps fasting, and perhaps doing something special in order to come closer to God, as the crucifixion and resurrection dates approach.

I see this as a time to re-focus and get back on my Christian path.

Special Easter Days

The most celebrated days of this season are:

  • Ash Wednesday: first day of lent
  • Palm Sunday: celebrates Jesus entry into Jerusalem
  • Maundy Thursday: observes the last Supper Jesus had with his disciples
  • Good Friday: remembers Jesus’ crucifixion for us
  • Easter Sunday: celebrates Jesus resurrection

Still relevant?

Yes, I think so. We all need a quiet reflective time to think about what is most important to us, whether that is is time, relationships, making the world a better place, or something else.

Before you die…

I just watched a TedTalks youtube by Candy Chang from New Orleans, who chalkboard painted a sidewall of a building with the words, “Before I die, I want to… ___________________”.  

The people of her city quickly completed this with their own words and thoughts.

The idea and the action spread, even to Sydney.

Celebrate Life

This is not about death, but about life. How will you use yours?

Don’t forget to celebrate life and enjoy those hot cross buns and chocolate eggs!

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 – Sue Demoor


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