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We’ve all see the advertisements, what would you do if you won the lottery?

According to those ads, the best thing is how it would make you feel (before heading off to the tiresome job of working out how to divvy it up).

Well, the ABS has news for us. We have all won the lottery!

Every individual in Australia has a $254,406 share in Australia's natural capital which was recently valued by the ABS at $6,138 billion.

This has more than doubled since 2006.

This value is based on things we can put a value on like land, minerals, energy and timber resources. Imagine what we each would be worth if we could put a value on our unique flora and fauna.

We are all rolling in it!

Although these assets might be in the control of others, all of us, as the current generation, are responsible for these collective assets.

If we don’t do what we can to look after our natural capital, who will?

There are over 40 threatened plant and animal species in the Yass Valley and there is something we can all do to protect these and other species, whether it be planting local plants, lobbying council to better protect our natural heritage areas, or simply keeping your cat inside.

Future generations will undoubtedly value these natural assets more than they value built assets. 

If we don’t turn things around they will look back in envy at how rich we all were in natural capital.

Our natural heritage is undeniably what makes us Australian and when I am elderly, I certainly don’t want the job of explaining  to the next generation Australia’s current ranking in the top five worldwide for extinction of animals and plant species.

It’s time to share in these riches and feel the joy of winning the natural heritage lottery and make sure this nest egg continues to grow, for the sake of all beings.

 – Saan Ecker

  • To find out more about endangered and vulnerable species in the Yass Valley, go to


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