Man fined $1200 in Yass Local Court for not disclosing driver’s details

Mark Anthony Atkinson, 51, of Yass, came before Yass Local Court on Thursday, May 11, charged with being a person having custody of, or responsibility for, a vehicle, but not disclosing driver’s details.

About 7.40pm on Friday, February 24, an unknown person drove a vehicle near the intersection of Hovell and Mount streets, Yass.

The driver caused the vehicle’s rear wheels to sustain a significant loss of traction, performing two large ‘burnouts’.

This caused a large amount of exhaust fumes and smoke to emanate from the rear of the car, leaving two large tyre marks in the road, each measuring over 15 metres.

As a result of the actions of the driver, one of the tyres shredded on the road before the car left the area, travelling in a westerly direction along Mount Street.

The ‘burnouts’ were performed in a residential area and witnessed by five members of the public, three of whom took a number of photographs.

Police were called and as they travelled up Mount Street towards Hovell Street, two members of the public pointed out the offending vehicle, which was in the driveway of a premises.

Two males were changing a tyre on the vehicle at the time.

Police spoke with other witnesses and viewed the photographs they had taken before returning to speak to Atkinson.

A form of demand was placed on him in relation to the allegation of the driver causing a sustained loss of traction. Atkinson failed to comply with the form of demand. When asked who was responsible for his vehicle at the time of the offence, he said: “No one, the car hasn’t moved.”

Magistrate Geraldine Beattie convicted Atkinson and fined him $1200.