Local Leaders | Burrinjuck Greens: Say yes to equality and acceptance

Fifty years ago, the Australian people voted in a federal referendum on whether to recognise Aboriginal people as citizens.

Imagine the stress faced by Aboriginal people, waiting to find out whether they would be accepted into society.

However, that referendum was essential to right a shameful historical wrong.

Now, a weak government is asking people to choose the fates of others through the non-binding, voluntary, and shameful waste of money postal vote on same-sex marriage.

The Turnbull government has not learned that holding a vote on whether a minority group should be treated equally under the law is a violation of basic human rights.

While likely under-reported, more than one per cent of all Australian couples are same-sex: higher in the Yass/Canberra region.

Saan Ecker.

Saan Ecker.

Those of us in same-sex couples lack the vital equal recognition of our relationships that is so important to everyone.

When people feel rejected from society on any basis, depression, stress and anxiety are the inevitable result.

Suicide rates for young gay people are six times the average, even greater for gay people in rural areas.

Supporting same-sex marriage can change this.

Suicide rates of young gay people significantly reduced after introduction of same sex marriage in US states.

Let’s make this a resounding YES and join the 40-plus countries where same-sex marriage has been legalised.

Acceptance is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other.