Local Leader: Is there a doctor in your house?

Why aren’t there enough doctors in the country? It is not because too many are in the cities. If that were so, there would be doctors driving Uber taxis. There are just not enough doctors. We get away with it because country people put up with disadvantages and because we import doctors from overseas. Fortunately, we get good ones. We just don’t train enough! So, encourage your children.

Plebiscites and our parliament

The reason a vote in parliament is being avoided is that the names of who voted for what would be quickly known and our valiant representatives are fearful of upsetting their voters.

Flu is around

Dr Ray Burn.

Dr Ray Burn.

Last week I was rejoicing that there had not been many flu cases. I should have kept quiet: I have had five cases in two days. Be careful, go to bed if you have it, don’t share it around. Vaccination reduces the impact and the numbers.

Do we do enough

I think it was Field Marshal Bill Slim who said the hardest thing was to get young officers to inspect the men’s feet daily. We can laugh, but how often do we do a full skin check on our patients and how many things do we miss? Not many, one can say, but what if it is a melanoma?

The marvels of the body

A silicone heart has been developed, which can do everything the human heart can do, but it fails after a few hours while our little job does 60 beats a minute. Work this out on your calculator.