New inflatable rescue boat for SES branch in Yass

The State Emergency Services (SES) branch in Yass received a generous boon recently, when it was announced that a new inflatable rescue boat (IRB) had been donated by the state government. 

Three of the IRBs were given to SES branches in Yass, Bungendore, and Crookwell. 

Kurt Bailey, an officer with the Yass SES branch, said that he and his colleagues were very enthusiastic about their new acquisition. 

Buoyed spirits: The Yass SES branch received a new boat recently.

Buoyed spirits: The Yass SES branch received a new boat recently.

“We’re very excited,” Mr Bailey said. 

“It adds to the fleet, and it adds to our capability.” 

By ‘capability’, Mr Bailey is referring to the incredible versatility of the boats, which are specifically designed to withstand difficult conditions and are operable in as little as 100mm of water. 

“It’s probably the boat that we’ll use the most, actually,” Mr Bailey said. 

The Yass SES branch has three boats of its own, but the IRB is smaller, lighter, and much more versatile than the others, meaning there is a much wider variety of potential situations in which it can be put to use. 

However, Yass is an inland town, with the Yass River as the only aquatic route of travel in sight. What is the need for a third boat? 

“They’re getting us up to speed, so we can help other areas as well,” Mr Bailey explained. 

“We do a lot of out-of-area call-outs, so we can take that kind of unit up to where they need it most and use it.”

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward said that the government was “extremely pleased to be able to provide ongoing support” for the emergency services. 

“It is fantastic to be able to see these resources stationed in our local community” Ms Goward said.


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