In court: Two-day theft spree costs nine months

Numerous items stolen from Yass retailers over a 48-hour shoplifting spree has resulted in prison time for a Yass man.

Corby Ben Bruggerman, 25, appeared via audiovisual link at Goulburn Local Court on September 20.

Bruggerman pleaded guilty to two counts of shoplifting, larceny and resisting or hindering police in the execution of duty.

Police facts tendered in court said Bruggerman stole several items from Yass retailers over two days.

Starting at Star-Mart Caltex on September 5 about 7.25pm, he bought Tallyho cigarette papers, but stole a CD and two cans of John West salmon.

The next day, about 10am, he hid a pork leg, valued at $50 in the Yass IGA shop, under his shirt in full view of a staff member. 

That afternoon, he then pocketed two safety glasses from Home Timber and Hardware, valued at $40.  

Police facts said CCTV footage and witnesses assisted the police to arrest him on September 6.

Bruggerman, holding a bottle of pre-mixed coke and alcohol, was aggressive towards the police.

In court, his solicitor told Magistrate Geraldine Beattie the ‘resist or hinder of police in the execution of duty’ charge was “more of a hinder than a resist”.

“He needs to get into residential rehabilitation and he hopes the court will allow him to do this to address his issues,” his solicitor told the court.

Magistrate Beattie said she accepted Bruggerman’s early plea of guilt.

But she maintained his offences were a matter of concern as they had impacted three separate businesses.

“I know I’ve spoken to you many times over the years,” Ms Beattie said.

“I hate it that you’ve proved me right, that you now have a custodial sentence as an adult.

“The police were just doing their job and you reacted quite violently.

“They don’t need to deal with this.”

Magistrate Beattie sentenced Bruggerman to nine months’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of five months, dated from September 6.