Annual Alpaca Magic open day on October 29

Open Day: Llamas and alpacas. Photo: Alpaca Magic.

Open Day: Llamas and alpacas. Photo: Alpaca Magic.

What’s happening?

Well, if you can get past the terrible pun headline, you’ll find it is the annual Alpaca Magic Open Day, coming up on October 29. It's absolutely free of charge, and families are more than welcome to bring a picnic lunch and mingle with the llamas and alpacas, who will be wandering around in the same area as the human guests.


It is a rare opportunity to meet some of the very gentle and fluffy creatures in person for a whole range of reasons, but particularly if you are interested in their capacity as livestock guardians, or simply have children who want to meet exotic animals. 


It is held twice a year (the next on October 29), free of charge, and open 11am-3pm, so go nice and early to ensure you don’t miss out: 2771 Sutton Rd, Sutton. There will also be demonstrations of felting, spinning and weaving will be run throughout the day, and a sausage sizzle. Please ensure children remain supervised while on site.