Letter to the editor: Transparency is important

If one looked at the items on the agenda of the October meeting, one would have no idea that something as important as a $254,000 per year expenditure for one staff member is tucked away in a mayoral minute.



SUMMARY Reporting the outcome of the General Manager’s Annual Performance Review undertaken on 22 August 2017 RESOLVED that:

1.The findings of the General Manager’s Performance Review Committee Annual Performance Review as “Better than Meets Expectations” be adopted.

2.The General Manager be offered a contract renewal from 1 November 2017 to 8 February 2019 at a salary of $254,000, noting that the salary is slightly less than the 2015/16 salaries of similar sized rural NSW councils. (McManus/Furry)


Councillors R Abbey, C Burgess, G Frost, N Furry, A Harker, M McManus, M Reid and K Turner


Transparency is important and I have the opinion that this item is deserving of being out in the open.

Touie Smith Snr, Yass