Australia day with a twist

Jennifer Lawrence and Bobbie Makin love their dogs so much, they decided to get them involved with their winemaking business.

Mr Makin has owned and run Murrumbateman Winery since 2010. Established in 1973, the winery grows Sauvignon blanc and Shiraz grapes, in addition to producing a range of wines from other varieties of local grapes.

In 2015, Mr Makin and Ms Lawrence decided to recognise the contribution their Huskie-Kelpie Molly had made to them, so they gave her her own block of vines, and her own wine.

To launch that wine, they held a dog friendly party, which has now become a biannual tradition. Each Christmas the winery hosts a Christmas party and each spring a party to launch the canine wine.

And it’s not just Mollie’s wine now.

A few years ago the pair decided Mollie needed a companion. After keeping an eye on the RSPCA website, Ms Lawrence came across a litter of pups. When they visited, Tannin stole her heart, wanting cuddle after cuddle after cuddle.

Made with grapes harvested from her own block, Mollie’s wine is a Sauvignon blanc, oaked to be a Fumé blanc.

With Tannin’s wine, the pair couldn’t resist a pun. ‘Tannin's Wild Pinot Grrr-is’ is a fruity floral wine with a dry finish.

This year, the winery’s Christmas party was rained out, so Ms Lawrence and Mr Makin have decided an Australia Day party.

The winery will be open all day, with plenty of toys, smells and vinyard walks for dogs. Weather permitting, there may even be a swim or two in the dam on the cards.

Humans are also well catered for, with platters of food, wine tasting and plenty of dogs to pat.

  • AusDay DogDay at Murrumbateman Winery will take place at 131 McIntosh Circuit, Murrumbateman, from 10am-5pm