Gunning News | Dip into the pool

Escape the heat

After experiencing an unusually cool lead up to Christmas, the heat that has become a feature of early January and February is upon us. Trying to find a cool way to pass the day is often the biggest challenge, with the frail and aged most at risk.

It is times likes this that you appreciate the part water plays in allowing us to cope.

Gunning is lucky to have access to enough water to support a local council-run pool. Locals now only to well it is the place to be. Those who visit the free camping site will know of it. Visitors rarely venture to the park as coffee and lunch are usually on their mind. Another hidden gem to be found. There are signs, but trees growing well this spring and summer often obscure the signage.

SUMMER RELIEF: Gunning Pool is a welcome oasis, if a little hidden from visitors to the town. Photo: supplied.

SUMMER RELIEF: Gunning Pool is a welcome oasis, if a little hidden from visitors to the town. Photo: supplied.

Streaming solution

One of the limitations to using a NBN Satellite solution is that streaming of content such as online video and audio can quickly use up limited capacity.

Although Gunning has some reprieve with some providers still offering ADSL 2 options with unlimited broadband, the question still remains about how to cost effectively stream content to mobile devices when unlimited bandwidth is not available.

Mobile phone providers are now offering SIM only plans that offer un-metered access to various popular streaming content such as Spotify and Netflix along with a healthy metered data allowance.

Gunning is not alone in having access to these options but does benefit from reasonable mobile tower access due to Hume Highway coverage. It might just be any easy fix to gaining access to streaming content without losing your monthly home internet data allowance.

Country Service

In this world of high pressure and fast pace, often it is the little things that stand out that show the difference in country service versus corporate turnover maximization. 

One such anecdote goes as follows: “Customer orders lunch at café to eat in, then proceeds to go for a wander and have a look in the shops and street.

“Café waitress comes looking for customer asking for them by physical description to say that their order is served and on the table where their table number sits waiting with their order”.

I can’t quite see that happening in too many other places but Gunning. I guess the main thing is that they remembered what the customer looked like, and were quite okay with the customer looking at other shops while they waited. 

May we never lose that country feel and personal service, no matter how popular we become.