Webs, Weeds and Wisdom | Proposed aquatic centre swaps outdoor pool for indoor

Last year a council steering committee of 15 people was set up to report back to council on the type of indoor pool that the community might desire and how this may be achieved. They initially quickly surveyed some in the community to get a starting point, but I was told more in-depth surveying would be done later.

However, last week I was told by someone at the pool that the feasibility study was done and a second survey was closing the end of January. I quickly searched for it but couldn’t find it. With help, I found a link on the feasibility study for comments via email. As I was very interested in this I was surprised that this information wasn’t communicated widely to the community.

Yass is very lucky to have had a forward thinking town 50 years ago, which saw the need for a pool of this size and were willing to work to see it built. Donations for this came from the town’s fundraising, the town and country councils, the Soldiers Club, and a government subsidy. Today this pool serves the town well for picnics, kids playing, all ages swimming and exercising, and also provides a wonderful venue for school sports, clubs, swimming carnivals and the Shine Shield competitions. Because of its size many of these activities can happen at the same time.

This proposed centre will cost between $10.1-11.4 million and includes $300,000 to demolish the old 50m pool, $440,000 for new parking on the other side of the pool. It contains a 25m indoor pool, outdoor splash pad, gym, consulting room, a small hydrotherapy pool and new change rooms. There will be no outdoor pool.

Is this what you want?

We now have a much larger population and are a growing town, but a smaller indoor pool is being proposed to replace our outdoor pool. Isn’t it possible to have the small indoor pool and refurbish the existing one at less cost?

 – Sue Demoor