Local Leaders | Nationals: Groups can benefit from election cash

It was great to welcome Premier Gladys Berejiklian to Yass a couple of weeks ago.

Ms Berejiklian came with lots of money to spend.

The winners were the paramedics, Yass High School, and the Yass Men’s Shed.  

It was fantastic to see a great organisation such as the Men’s Shed receive money and recognition of the service that they provide to our local community.

Elizabeth Veasey

Elizabeth Veasey

The $20,000 that they’ve received will be spent to upgrade the shed with heating and cooling so the lovely men who use it will no longer be cold during winter and hot during summer.

One can only hope that more money is sent to our organisations to acknowledge their fantastic role in our great community. 

With both federal and state elections just around the corner, it is an exciting time for our community.

We will see a lot of ministers coming to visit, and some money given to some very worthy local organisations.

We will also see a lot of promises, everyone agreeing to fix all of our issues, and pleading with us to support them.

Hopefully this means a full duplication of the Barton Highway, a school for Murrumbateman and an improvement to our overall needs in the Yass Valley. 

So keep an eye out: if you’ve got an issue that needs to be addressed, don’t be afraid to contact your local member.

Or you can get in contact with the Goulburn Nationals through our Facebook page.

Also, we will be attending the Yass Show this weekend – drop by and say hello!