Webs, Weeds and Wisdom | Get involved in the Yass Show

Do you have good memories of shows in your childhood? What did you love to see? What did you love to enter?

Children today still love visiting the show, and show bags are not essential to a good time (however there are a number at the Sydney Show that may be good value).

Children love seeing the animals, the big vegetables, their work and that of their friends and relatives, and the events that people participate in.

I enjoyed looking through the Yass Show Society’s website, especially the timeline of history. Did you know it started in 1863 and the current land was purchased in 1901? The first building was built in 1902 and the big pines and kurrajongs were planted in 1902-3.

They almost ended the show in 1931, but people kept it going, and lucky for us, it’s kept going and evolving through the help of many volunteers.

This year’s Yass Show is on March 17-18. To keep it going they need things to show. That means that some of us need to contribute so there is something for the kids and the big kids (adults) to view.

Oh dear, what can you enter this year? Perhaps vegetables, cheese, handicrafts, cooking, preserves, animals (sheep, cattle, goats, poultry), art, photography or an Irish wheelbarrow could be your entry! What about shearing, wood chopping or horse riding?

Still can’t do any of those? What about helping your kids or grandkids to complete an entry: art, cooking, flowers, pet show, etc? This could be a fun activity to do together. I’m going try to get grandkids to do a floral Easter basket.

Still too hard? Then just visit and think about how you can contribute next year.

Response to demolishing pool

Last month’s article on demolishing the existing pool and replacing it with an indoor pool brought lots of comments on the Tribune’s Facebook site.

Most people want both indoor and the existing outdoor, and definitely not the Taj Mahal proposed by council’s consultants.

Perhaps the councillors are listening.

 – Sue Demoor