Pink brings out the best in Roos

The Yass Roos were in a giant-slaying mood on Saturday afternoon, when they felled the previously undefeated Woden Blues. 

The Roos, who came into the fixture with an unbeaten season record, were third on the ladder while their opponents, who boasted a percentage of 450, were first. 

Yass coach Sam Campbell said before the match that he fancied his team’s chances at home, and his confidence was more than repaid when the horn blew at the end of the fourth quarter. 

“It was a tight one, and when you come away with a victory in a close one it always feels a lot more special, I suppose,” Campbell said. 

To add to the poignancy of the victory, it was also the Roos’ Pink Day fundraiser, and stalwart Brad Porter’s hundredth game. 

“With today, doing the Pink Day just meant a little bit something, and Brad Porter’s 100th, it was a good win for the club,” Campbell added. 

The Yass Roos took to the field in an all-pink outfit to raise money for ‘Love for Annabelle’ and the Yass CanAssist branch. The initiative was initially proposed by the players, and the additional motivation served them well in a tight, back-and-forth affair against a powerful Woden side. 

Early on, it seemed as though Woden would run through the Roos as they had each of their previous opponents. 

The visitors quickly took an 18-6 lead, before Yass regained its composure and replied to finish the first quarter at 25-19. 

The second quarter was more of the same from the Roos, and by half time they had amassed a lead of 17 points.

The third quarter, however, saw a sharp reversal from the Blues, in which they kicked three goals in the space of the first five minutes and looked likely to streak away from the hosts. 

This, Campbell said, was due to a lapse in Yass’s one-on-one play which allowed Woden to break free momentarily. 

“They were good out of the centre, and had a good full forward kicking goals as he does,” he said. 

“We just had to finally match up in the centre, and I think that wind across the ground helped us a little bit.” 

At the end of the third quarter, Woden had established a slim lead, 53-48, but the Roos came back with a vengeance in the fourth. 

Thanks to several goals from forward Tom Davey, including one no-look snap to seal the game in the final minute, Yass took the lead and held it until the buzzer.

The final score saw Yass (11.9.75) defeat Woden (9.9.63) in a thriller which was arguably the Roos’ best game of the year. 

Following the match, Campbell said that he thought the wet weather may have played to Yass’s advantage. 

“I don’t think you could ask for much more, it was tight, it was hard,” he said. 

“Wet footy, it always brings out the best in some people. It was a good match to watch, I think.”