Warmington Lodge receives new coffee machine thanks to generous donation

Residents and staff at Warmington Lodge now enjoy warmer and faster cups of coffee thanks to a generous donation.

The Friends of Horton House and Warmington Lodge group donated more than $7000 from their fundraising efforts towards a new coffee machine for the Balcony Café at the lodge.

Lyn Morgan, CEO of Yass Valley Aged Care, said it was a welcome addition and thanked members of Friends of Horton House and Warmington Lodge.

“Thanks to their fundraising events, like the fete every two years and their Christmas raffles, we now have a bigger and faster machine.

“The residents love it,” Ms Morgan said.

The previous one was 10 years old.

“So we need a new one since the morning teas have become bigger. The new machine will also be used for other functions and events, too,” Ms Morgan said.

Friends of Horton House and Warmington Lodge is also one of the groups who provide the morning teas at the lodge.