ACT man charged with 11 offences after early morning arrest in Collector

A 39-year-old ACT man has been charged for multiple offences after being arrested in Collector on Monday, May 14.

The arrest came after police deployed road spikes on the vehicle.

At about 12.08am on May 14, Queanbeyan Highway Patrol (QHP) detected an allegedly stolen white Nissan utility bearing NSW registration plates.

The vehicle was travelling in a northerly direction on Sutton Road.

QHP performed checks on the vehicle, which revealed that the utility was stolen from the Queanbeyan area on March 18, 2018.

Police followed the vehicle for a short time in a northerly direction on Sutton Road and upon reaching the Federal Highway, Sutton, the driver took the northbound exit off Sutton Road.

The driver entered the Federal Highway in a northerly direction for about 30km.

As the driver neared Collector Road, Collector, police from the Goulburn Highway Patrol successfully deployed road spikes on the vehicle, which came to a stop.

The accused driver was then handcuffed and arrested.

A search of the accused vehicle located a number of items that included a small zip bag containing a number of keys and a small resealable bag containing crystal-like substance that police believed to be a prohibited drug.

Eleven charges were made against the ACT man:

  • Police pursuit.
  • Possession of prohibited drug (two times).
  • Take and drive conveyance.
  • Receiving property stolen outside NSW (two times).
  • Possession of equipment to administer prohibited drug.
  • Possession of housebreaking implements.
  • Unlawful possession of number plates.
  • Not keeping left of the dividing line.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs.

Bail was refused twice on May 14 at Goulburn Local Court.

The accused is set to appear at Goulburn Local Court on June 27, 2018.