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Exec dir. Susan Conroy.

Exec dir. Susan Conroy.

This month STARTS (Southern Tablelands Arts) finished our latest five-week program of Dance For Wellbeing. I have seen from week one to week five the dynamics of the group developing and the anticipation of each person as they arrive.

The Dance for Well-being program is led by Liz Barling, who’s been teaching dance for many years. Liz has undertaken the Dance for Parkinsons training and brings both this recent learning with her understanding of the human body and movement to make each class not only a challenge but enjoyable and fun. She has been supported by district dance practitioner Hannah Cotton, who has also done the training program. Liz and Hannah inspire us all to add that extra move of a foot or hand as we dance to the music. We couldn’t offer this program without support and thank the St Nicholas Uniting Church community for their support, as well as students from local high schools.

The early benefits being reported by participants or their carers include: a sense of community; huge amount of fun; this whole experience has changed me positively; better hand and foot coordination; it makes the brain work better; I’m moving easier and less shaky; keeping active/keeping social; helps with balance and arthritis and good for the soul. We’ve also heard that there is improved mood, one patient has regained the swallow reflex, and there are reports of less agitation and distress. We will let you know when we can find the funds to recommence the program.

  • STARTS leads creative engagement in arts and culture in Yass/Goulburn